Travel Awards

Thanks to the generosity of Sightsavers, the Executive Committee of the NNN is pleased to offer Travel Awards to employees of NGOs or Government / Public Servants / Persons affected by NTDs working to control or eliminate NTDs. Awardees must be a citizen of and working in an NTD-endemic country. The travel award will cover a portion of travel expenses incurred to attend the NNN Conference 2018.

The Travel Award Committee will allocate 30 return flights, subject to flight availability and only from destinations that are served by the airline designated by Sightsavers.  The designated airline will route through UAE, so only reasonable travel itineraries will be considered.

Who is Eligible?

Applicants must be:

∙ Employees of NGOs or Government / Public Servants / Persons affected by NTDs 

∙ Working to control or eliminate NTDs

∙ A citizen of and working in a NTD-endemic country

∙ Able to communicate verbally in English


Selection Criteria

Please complete the online application form. The application must include a letter from the applicant and the applicant’s employer (i.e., the NGO or the Ministry).

The letter from the applicant should include the following information.

∙Current title and role within the organization

∙ A statement of how the applicant would benefit from attending NNN9

∙ Details of what contribution the applicant believes they can bring to NNN9

∙ A plan of action that details activities the applicant will undertake to disseminate information from the proceedings of NNN9 to their colleagues

The letter from the applicant’s employer should include the following information:

∙ How the applicant will benefit from attending NNN9

∙ Assurances that the organization will be responsible for travel costs not covered by the travel award and will provide adequate travel insurance



∙ The Travel Award Committee seeks to support diverse representation at the Conference. In addition to the supporting documentation above, the Committee will also consider a balance of regional, organisational and disease based representation. 

∙ Incomplete applications will not be considered

∙ Decisions regarding Travel Awards are solely at the discretion of the NNN.  There is no appeal process and no details regarding Award determination or lack thereof will be given

∙ NNN reserves the right to cancel this Travel Award program and/or to not Award some or all of the Awards at its sole discretion

∙ The applicant will be committed to full engagement in the conference and will be required to provide written feedback as to the learning experience and the networking opportunities at the NNN. 


Submission Deadline

31st May 2018


Award Notifications

Applicants will be notified of Travel Award Committee’s decisions in the first two weeks in July 2018. 

Individuals receiving the Travel Award will be responsible for:

∙ Securing a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after the planned return travel date. 

∙ Contacting the Ethiopian Embassy or legal representatives in their country of residence to arrange for all necessary travel documents (e.g. visas). It is responsibility of the individual to organise their own Visa application to attend the Conference. 

∙ Following any additional instructions provided in the Award letter.