WASH-NTD Toolkit

This toolkit provides step-by-step guidance to NTD program managers and partners on how to engage and work collaboratively with the WASH community to improve delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene services to underserved population affected by many neglected tropical diseases. 

DMDI Working Group: Terms of Reference

The scope of the NNN DMDI WG is very broad and multi-sector, encompassing health, labour, education, agriculture, WASH, social welfare and human rights.

NNN WASH Working Group: Terms of Reference

The NNN WASH WG has been established to achieve the following objectives:
1. To advocate to policy makers, planners and funding partners, the importance and impact of WASH on NTD outcomes.
2. To provide technical guidance and support to the NNN on WASH practices, effective WASH... Read more

WASH and the Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Global Manual for WASH Implementers

There are 17 neglected tropical diseases, many of which have connections to WASH. This manual focuses on only those with the strongest links to WASH. For more information about the connections between WASH and all 17 NTDs, look at Table 1 of the document “... Read more

WASH: The silent weapon against NTDs

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are a crucial but all too often underplayed part of the prevention and control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Diseases including Trachoma, Soil-Transmitted Helminthes (STH) and Schistosomiasis all demand practical WASH interventions so that their... Read more

WASH and NTDs: 2015 Meeting Dates

Attached you will find a calendar of the remaining WASH and NTDs meeting dates through 2015.

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