Uniting to Combat NTDs

The London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases, launched in January 2012, marked the beginning of a new, coordinated effort to accelerate progress toward eliminating or controlling 10 NTDs. In the year since its launch, partners across sectors have worked toward fulfilling their commitments and delivering results that will significantly impact people’s lives.

From Promises to Progress: The First Annual Report on the London Declaration on NTDs was developed by London Declaration partners to track the delivery of commitments and identify remaining gaps. This information is captured in the London Declaration Scorecard, which provides disease-by-disease status updates on progress toward achieving 2012 milestones. A summary version of this scorecard appears in the report, while a full version with yearly milestones through 2020 identified by partners is available below.

Alongside this report, WHO has also launched its second NTD report, Sustaining the Drive to Overcome the Global Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases, which discusses the path to achieving 2020 goals, identifies challenges and proposes plans to address each disease. Together, these reports offer a united way forward for the NTD community.

For the full London Declaration Scorecard Excel document, click here. (To sort the scorecard tables, Excel 2010 is required).