NNN WASH Working Group: Terms of Reference

The NNN WASH WG has been established to achieve the following objectives:
1. To advocate to policy makers, planners and funding partners, the importance and impact of WASH on NTD outcomes.
2. To provide technical guidance and support to the NNN on WASH practices, effective WASH programming, policy and practices, and other cross-cutting issues and considerations for scale up of WASH activities to achieve 2020 targets.
3. To support the WHO NTD department to integrate WASH activities into NTD programming, policy and practice.
4. To support the WHO WASH department to promote relevant opportunities for engagement in NTD programming, policy and practice.
5. To identify and communicate opportunities for the WASH and NTD communities to engage and seek collaboration.
6. To increase WASH organisations membership of the disease specific coordination groups and through them, representation within the NNN.

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