NTD NGO Network Executive Committee

Steering Committee

  • Chair: Dr. Gail Davey (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Yaobi Zhang (Helen Keller International)
  • Past Chair: Dr. Wendy Harrison (Schistosomiasis Control Initiative)
  • External Representation Committee Co-Chair: Ms. Virginia Sarah (Fred Hollows Foundation)
  • External Representation Committee Co-Chair: Ms. Helen Hamilton (WaterAid)

Disease specific groups

International Coalition for Trachoma Control (ICTC)

  • Chair:  Dr. Serge Resnikoff (OPC) 

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) NGO Network

  • Chair: Louise Kelly-Hope (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

Onchocerciasis Elimination NGO Group

  • Chair: Dr. Charles Mackenzie (Sightsavers)

Leprosy NGO Group 

  • Chair: Geoff Warne (ILEP)

Soil Transmitted Helminths/Schistosomiasis (STH/SCH) NGO Group

  • Chair: Dr. Lynsey Blair (Imperial College London)


Cross-cutting groups

Disease Management Disability and Inclusion (DMDI) Working Group

  • Chair: Dr. Martin Kollman (CBM International)

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Working Group

  • Co-Chair: Yael Velleman (Schistosomiasis Control Initiative)
  • Co-Chair: Angelia Sanders (The Carter Center)

Vector Control Working Group

  • Chair: Dr. Fiona Allan (Natural History Museum)

Skin NTDs Working Group

  • Chair: TBC (Contact Claire Fuller or Liesbeth Mieras)

Conflict Working Group

  • Co-Chair: Fiona Vincer (Mentor Initiative)
  • Co-Chair:  Angelia Sanders (The Carter Center)

Sustainability Working Group

  • Co-Chair: Ms. Carolyn Henry (Imperial College London)
  • Co-Chair: Ms. Liz Hollenberg (Imperial College London)

External Representation Group

  • Co-chair: Ms. Virginia Sarah (Fred Hollows Foundation)
  • Co-chair: Ms. Helen Hamilton (WaterAid

NNN Communications Lead

  • Ms. Rosa Argent (ILEP)

NNN Administration Support

  • Ms. Clare Callow (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)


The Chair shall serve a one-year term and will then move to the position of Past-Chair for an additional year.  Similarly, the Vice-Chair shall serve a one-year term and then move to the position of Chair.  During an election year and prior to the annual meeting, the Executive Committee will invite nominations for the incoming NNN Vice-Chair through the NGO Coordination Groups.   Each nominee must accept the nomination and be fully informed of the voluntary nature of the position.  Nominations will be supported by a brief summary of the nominee’s eligibility for election.  The Executive Committee will circulate the final nominations prior to the annual meeting during which election of the new Vice-Chair will take place.  The successful candidate will be determined by a clear majority of votes (one vote per individual NGO) and the new Vice-Chair will take up the position from the announcement at the meeting.

You can download the nomination form for the Vice Chair 2018-2019 here!


The NNN meets annually (typically in September); the disease-specific and thematic working groups will continue to meet separately at will. 

The annual 2018 meeting will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.