Nominations for new NNN vice-chair


Nominations for NNN Vice-Chair 

Ms. Kim Koporc's term as Chair of the NNN will come to an end in September. She will be replaced by current vice-chair, Ms. Lisa Rotondo.

The Executive Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-Chair of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN).  The Vice-Chair will serve one two-year term and then move to the position of Chair and then Past-Chair.  Each term is for two years.  The Vice-Chair will support the Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to execute their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NNN Terms of Reference.

Candidates for Vice-President should:

1.     Be an employee of an NGDO recognized as a member of one of the five NTD-specific NGDO Coordination Groups

2.     Have the support of their employer to carry out the roles and responsibilities of Vice-Chair

3.     Be able to attend NNN  annual Meetings and  participate in Executive Committee Teleconferences (every two months)

 To submit your nomination for Vice-Chair, please provide the following to admin [at] nnnevents [dot] com (admin [at] nnnevents [dot] com)

1.     Your name and the name of your NGDO

2.     The Nominee’s name and the name of their NGDO

3.     A brief bio of the Nominee

4.     Confirmation that the Nominee has agreed to be a candidate for Vice-Chair

Elections for Vice-Chair will be held during the NNN Annual Meeting, 13-16 September 2016, in Abu Dhabi.  Only one vote per member organization will be accepted.