NNN membership expansion and cross-cutting working groups


Current Vice-Chair of the NNN, Gail Davey, shares some important developments on the network’s composition and approach to collaborative working

The Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network is growing in influence and reach, and is pleased to announce exciting additions to its membership base.

Founded in 2009, the NNN was established as a global forum for NGOs working to control onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminthes, and trachoma. Since its inception, the network has attracted new members from the fields of leprosy, leishmaniasis, podoconiosis and, most recently, rabies. We welcome these new members and look forward to their contributions through disease-specific working groups and the annual conference.

With this wider array of diseases also comes development in the number and scope of cross-cutting working groups. The existing WASH (Water, sanitation and hygiene) and DMDI (Disease Management, Disability and Inclusion) groups are thriving, and have substantially increased sharing of expertise across the network. They have proven an effective catalyst for the development of a number of important guidance materials including the WHO’s Water, sanitation and hygiene and NTD strategy and a forthcoming advocacy and NTD brochure, also created with the WHO. How best to address other critical issues such as mental wellbeing and stigma are being looked at through the establishment of dedicated taskforces.

In 2017, two additional working groups have been established: Skin-Related NTDs and Integrated Vector Management - contact details here. All four cross-cutting initiatives add to the opportunities for combined advocacy offered by NNN, and enhance the leadership role played by the NGO community in beating NTDs.

 “What really excites me about the way the NNN is evolving is its collective voice is being strengthened through great communication across disease groupings.” – Gail Davey